November 26, 2012


The time has come. To start work and be part of government service.

Time to end my holidays

Time to apply what has been learned for the past couple of years.

Time to be strong, intelligent, effective.

Time to survive. :)

It's time.

wish me luck!

November 08, 2012


Yay! Finally got my blogaway app to play nice with Google's 2-step verification for access to blogger =)

Been a while since the last update, before my p2s2 exams I think. Hehe.

And now I'm at 2 months and 8 days of my post exam holidays. Hopefully still got some more days to come..

Plus guess there's a need to have a redesign of the blog soon. No longer a med student! =p

August 11, 2012

Time to go to WAR!

MBBS finals exam finally starting. Next week (13/8) till 30/8 when the results are going to be released. This 3 weeks interval is going to be the hardest 3 weeks so far in my life. And most important too.

By the time August 2012 ends, I WILL(hopefully) have completed my life as a medical student! woohoo!

p/s: couldnt update much because the damned app on my phone can no longer log into blogger. Wonder if it's something to do with Google's 2-step verification. So have to update old fashion style.. =.=

May 06, 2012

99 days left!

This is a screenshot of one of my widgets. Counting down to august 13th. A.k.a the beginning of the end, a.k.a finals exam.

Holy crap, there's less than 100 days left now. 2 digits countdown. Damn, if the stress was still ignore-able in the past, it damn sure is blowing the lid off now as the number dwindles down.. gosh..

Time to get down n dirty with the books n notes!!

May 01, 2012


Suddenly saw this while browsing thru my photos.. miss it soo much la :s

Must go back in the future.. must!

April 22, 2012

Been a while..

Currently in surgery posting

Relatively more free compared to medicine, which is curious indeed. But still there's work piling up.

Note to self : procrastinating isn't gonna make the work do themselves.

Anyway also not updating as much not only due to being busy, but also out of ideas? Nothing much is going on for now. Days going by like usual. Counting down to judgement day (final exams, mind you; don't really believe in the Mayan prophecy n all)

Anyway Muar day tomorrow. Signing off now. Will try to update more.

March 25, 2012

Next up : Surgery

Medicine posting ended last Friday. End posting n all was on last Friday. Should be happy no? Unfortunately no. There's tons of stuff to be written in the logbook, and it is due Monday. Argh!!

What's more, Monday there's a class with prof MV kumar, the most feared surgery prof.. not preparing for his class can only spell disaster.. sigh

March 18, 2012

Election is near??

One of the signs you can see when the general election is near is definitely this..

What the hell man.. do you really need to spread rumours about the other party like this? Via sms? That's too old school la. Word of advice, try using more modern things like, I dunno, FACEBOOK? Or make a viral video ala Kony 2012 video. It'll work better than sending text to one that doesn't give a shit. Worse still is with the timing.. it came during my precious nap! Idiots!

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March 05, 2012

Beginning of the final semester

Yup. Semester 10 has started. Batch 21 is officially the most senior batch in town. In college. You know what I mean.. Recently batch 20 has passed their final year exams with flying colours with only 1 casualty among all the candidates. That's superb!

And now, the pressure has shifted almost immediately to my batch. Must step up and emulate the seniors' success!

But.. that being said, the last holiday I'll ever have as a student ended. No more holidays to look forward to. Argh how la like that..


On a side note.. it's the first day of school today after a 2-week sem break as hospitals were out-of-bounds for the final year exams. And to be honest it's a tiring day. Hard to adjust back to 5 hours of sleep a day after waking up at 11am everyday for 2 weeks! :p

Back to sleep then, as an effort to readjust my biological clock which I'm sure isn't working properly for a long long time

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February 29, 2012

Leap day!

It's a once-in-4-years day!

Happy 29th February!

And today only I learned that there's actually a tradition that leap day is the day where ladies propose to the men they love, and the men cannot reject them! If they do they'll be either subjected to heavy fines or many years of bad luck.. whoa.

Fortunately it's not an asian thing. Haha =p

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